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LAX: All’s Fair in Love and Journalism

LAX - All's fair in loveLike many married couples, Ruben and Janet Nepales are a bit competitive with each other. Unlike many married couples, they admit it.

That comes with the territory. The Nepales, who have lived in the Grand Tower Apartments on Bunker Hill for five years, are both entertainment reporters covering Hollywood, but for competing newspapers in their native Philippines. They walk the same red carpets, often interview the same movie stars and regularly attend Hollywood premieres and film festivals.


ATL: Crews laying street car tracks…

Streetcar tracks in ATLFollowing a year of underground preparations, streetcar track has returned to Atlanta for the first time in more than six decades.

That will be just the beginning of a much larger streetcar system if city officials have their way. They hope additional lines can sprout from the seed being built now, expanding through downtown and Midtown in the future.